How We Work


We post the student appeals on the social networks, as we receive them, and they get responded to. Some donors take the responsibility of a particular case and pay every month and others just transfer some amount in bulk which covers the fees of many random students. We get the donations either through bank transfer or any other medium. We transfer the donations to the students’ parents/guardians directly.

As a policy, we do not disclose the personal information of the students on the Internet as they have to grow up in the society and we don’t want them to face any embarrassment in the future. We do post the account details at the end of every month which mainly tells our donors about the students, their gender and the city they reside in (check photos). But, we can get you in direct contact with the beneficiaries so no doubts remain on the transparency of the project.
The students’ parents/guardians inform us about the exam results and send us the students’ progress report very regularly to ensure the children are regularly going to school. We give the transaction receipts to the donors right when we make the transaction using their donated amount.

adminHow We Work